What the heck is this?

It’s an innovation hub. In Sarajevo. Created by us, for you. We’re actually very much like you. But older. Which is not bad, trust us. We’ve just had more time to get our hands dirty running companies, managing projects, delivering products for big players, and we understood how difficult it is to start off your career without experience.

Experience, which everyone wants but nobody gives. Vicious circle.

So what? We put together a bunch of like-minded people from B&H and Czech republic and prepared a programme for you, coming generation of B&H entrepreneurs. We’d like to transfer as much of our knowledge and experience as we possibly can. And frankly, we will not be using any books.

Learning by doing. That’s our credo. And we hope yours as well.

Continue reading and you’ll learn more about our goals.

Meet the team

Džan Operta

Belma Ramic-Brkic

Michal Vít

Petr Kadlec

Bootcamp-like drill … not really, but

We’ve designed this programme so that you’re in the center. We want you to be the driving force of your own progress. We’re not university, although we really appreciate our partnership with the University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. We prefer other methods and principles, like mentoring, ownership, trust.

You’ll be a part of a team, one of four teams actually, and it will be solely your responsibility if you, as a team, deliver what you’ve promised. We’ll help you create your plans and we’ll judge you based on this agreement. Nothing is given upfront, that’s a beauty of this programme.

But common, it won’t be that easy. It’s summer time and we know you’ll sacrifice your holiday. That’s your biggest commitment – that you will devote your time to this cause. To make yourself a better and more experienced.

Down bellow you’ll learn more about the schedule, organisation and checkpoints, keep going!


Applications, interviews and all other boring paperwork

This programme is not for everyone and as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, it will cost you a lot of your free time. If you’re still in, here are some hints on how to apply for the programme and what will follow.

Making things simple, that’s one of the most important thing you’ll learn with us. And we like to hold true to what we’re saying. So we made it really easy – one Google form, six questions, that’s it. We like to understand some facts about you, not too much so that you’ll spend whole afternoon with it (we know you have better stuff to do), but enough for us so that we can start linking the dots.

Once we have all applicants – and hurry, the deadline is close – we’ll invite you for a 1-1 (or should we say you and our team? we have a little bit of an advantage) and we’ll get to the details of your application, interests and especially your motivation why the heck you want to spend the summer with us and not with your friends.

We also need to setup teams, so that’s our responsibility after we see all of you. We’ll try to mix & match the teams based on skills needed for a team, for a particular project. So even if you’re coming with your friends, we cannot guarantee you that you’ll be working together. Hope you understand. (However, we’ll try to do our best to not break the ties, we promise.)

And boom, you’re in. You’ll get a t-shirt, coffee mug, and off we go. 3 months of misery and sleepless nights. Naah, not really. It will be tough, we can assure you, but it will be a lot of fun as well. We know how to party and we heard that Sarajevo is the best place for some all-night-long parties for sure.

Sounds ok to you? Let’s check out last few things and you’re good to enroll. Easy, isn’t it?

12 weeks packed with creativity, sweat and tears

Did we mention at the beginning, that this programme will be different than university projects? Sure we did. Here’s how it will look like.

Each team will have a project to deliver. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you now what you’ll be doing exactly – it’s a matter of our team building process, but in general we’re talking about programming. Web or mobile applications. Applications, which do have a demand on the market already.

But to put it clearly – even an initial brainstorming about those ideas will be your responsibility. We’ll provide some guidelines, help of course, but we’d like you to learn something. So that’s the first milestone.

You’ll design the solution as well, with your team, with your mentor. From scratch – architecture, user interface, tests. Programming is an easy part of the product development, even thought it might sound crazy to you.

Part of the programme is a couple of class-like sessions for you so that you’re equipped to do these things on your own, with the help of your mentor.

And each team will get their own room where they can brainstorm, design, code, test, prepare presentations, dring coffee etc. etc. etc. But don’t be scared that you have to spend whole summer in Sarajevo. We’re big fans of remote work and it’s one of our goals to teach you how to effectively work from remote locations, with the team which depends on your contribution.

You see the point now – you’ll get as much of our support as long as you’ll keep going. That’s the deal.

We’re almost at the end of story so apply now and see you at the interview!




As we promised, you’re only few steps from being a part of this special summer camp.

We don’t want to push you, so we give you a couple of days to think of everything you read through, but still – do not think too much.

Applications are closing on 10.7.2018 at 23:59:59!


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